A Little Information About Me

I am Yash, an entrepreneur, advisor, invester, blockchain developer and a blockchain trainer!

My Entreprenurial Journey

I am also an Advisor to the startup SayCheese.life.

I founded Bitgenie in 2017, which is on the mission to create products using Web 3.0 technologies.  Bitgenie is an AI platform that aggregates reports across the internet and also creates a detailed analysis of the reports. Bitgenie Research helped me to build foundation for the AcknoLedger Idea.

Enthralled by the promising foundation of the new internet via Blockchain back in 2016, I have been actively involved in the Blockchain and Crypto space since 2016 and have developed a passion to teach my learnings acquired along the journey. 

I have been teaching Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in various Universities, Institutes, and Corporates including Bombay Stock Exchange, IIT- Bombay, Blockchain University – USA, Etlhive, Rise-Barclays, and many more to add to the kitty.  I have also trained over 3000+ board members, executives, entrepreneurs, and students. Being a stern believer in the blockchain and Cryptocurrency, I expect cryptocurrency to be a megatrend and a business environment-altering invention.